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Fitness Inflatable Punching Bag

The boxing glove is used as targets placed at strategic locations pattern of the design on the fitness inflatable punching bag, which is interesting and cute. Promote sandbags for children and adults, while helping to improve agility and hand-eye coordination. Targets placed in strategic locations allow children to practice different martial arts moves precisely.

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Package Include:

1× Fitness Inflatable Punching Bag

1× box

1× Repair Patch Kit

1× Poly Bag

1 x User guide



Special design

The inflatable punching bag for kids and adults is 59 inches high inflated, which can withstand the impact of kick and boxing and will bounce more forever. Non-hanging heavy bag design, so you can exercise at the most convenient place at any time - suitable for indoor and outdoor, such as family or commercial gym. Rocks back and forth with every punch, Ideal for kick-boxing workouts too.


1. durable PVC material.

2. Safety air valve:

3. Can be full with water or sand: The base can be filled with sand or water for stability; Sand has proven to be more effective for larger children.

How to Use the Freestanding Power Boxing Bag

1. Open the bottom rubber plug and plastic cover, and load a certain amount of water or sand. Then, insert the rubber plug and the plastic cover.

2. Inflate the punching stress boxing target bag


Do not leave the child unattended while the device is in use.

Do not use high-pressure air to inflate. Do not over inflate.

From accessories to raw materials all have to undergo a rigorous screening, you could rest assured to use. Please remember that only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.

Wish you have a great day!

Fitness Inflatable Punching Bag Freestanding Power Boxing Bag for Kids and Adults Stress Boxing Target Bag 59 Inches

Size 59"
Sport Type Boxing
Color Red
Item Weight 0.85 Kilograms
Age Range (Description) Adult
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