HIWENA    Sport & Outdoors    Super Heavy Duty Snow Tube,48 inches Inflatable Snow Sled for Kids and Adults, Thicken 0.75mm Thick Material Winter Sport Tube

Enjoy Your Winter Snow Fun With Inflatable Sleds For Adults

What Makes your family time fun on snow days?

Take the snow tube with your friends and yourself into the tube and grab the handles.

At that moments, your family time will have unforgettable exciting riding experience in this winter with this snow saucer.

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Package Included:

1 x 48" Super Heavy Duty snow tube

1 x poly bag

1 x rope

1 x Repair package

1 x User guide

Notice For Snow


  • This is not a towable device. Never tow from behind any vehicle. Do not stand or kneel on the sled during use.
  • Do not use on ice or any other surface than snow, due to increased lack of control. This product may have limited
  • braking or steering, or none at all. Beware this product can develop high speeds under snow conditions.
  • Excess speed can cause loss of control and serious injury. Do not use near street, roadways, driveways or sidewalks.
  • Do not use in the proximity of trees and other fixed objects. Avoid obstacles and rough terrain.
  • Competent adult supervision suggested. The wearing of helmets and safety goggles is strongly recommended.



Deflated Size: 48 inches

Applicable occasions: Snow

Sturdy and Safety Handles: Two

Super Heavy Materials: 0.75 mm (K80)

Rope Buckles and a Rope: You can tow the snow tube (without using vehicle) or hang it up

Special Air Valve: Fast inflation and deflation in a minute

Features About Snow Tube

Durable and Sturdy

1. Super Heavy Duty Process: Using the Super Heavy Duty and high-quality materials(0.75mm), even you can stand on it. It's more stronger than the average snow tube.

2. Rope buckle : Rope buckles secure the rope for easy towing and hanging

3. Fast Valve: inflation and deflation fast by the fast valve

4. Handles: grab onto the handles makes your


1. Safe Color Design

2. High Shape Damping

3. Seat of safe depth

4, Super Heavy Material

We choose the durable material to make you have a happy time in playing with this round sled.

Repair Patch

1. Cut to required size depending upon hole or puncture

2. Thoroughly clean damaged surface and allow to Dry for minimum of 10 minutes

3. Remove vinyl patch from paper backing

4. Press patch firmly over hole or puncture

5. Do not inflate for 20 minutes

Raw Material Patch Includes, But NOT Include Glue

Super Heavy Duty Snow Tube,48 inches Inflatable Snow Sled for Kids and Adults, Thicken 0.75mm Thick Material Winter Sport Tube

Material Vinyl
Color Yellow
Deflated Size   48 inches
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