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The Inflatable Donut Chocolate float for kids and adults will allow you to spend a relaxing summer in the pool (pool float) and the beach (beach toys) and the lake (lake float).

Color May Vary

100% physical photography. However, many factors might affect the color of the picture. Please in kind prevail.

Package Include:

1x Inflatable Donut Float (White Chocolate)

1x Repair Patch Kit

1x Poly Bag

Bring your kids and donuts, enjoy the sun and the beach, and have an unforgettable and passionate summer.

Enjoy Your Summer Fun with Donut Pool Float

At this moment, the donut inflatable floats for kids bring you a different summer fun experience with your family. The chocolate donut floats are very suitable for kids.

Let our family have summer fun for the swimming pool parties with these donut pool floats!

Enjoy Your Donut Pool Party

You can use this donut swim ring as a party prop (social party, birthday party, gourmet party, etc.) to show off your photos like this beautiful and lovely girl.

Colorful and unique white chocolate printing makes your life more colorful.

Great for donut birthday party supplies

Features About Donut Pool Float

Perfect for Kids or Skinny Adult

This donut pool float is 33 inches in diameter (Deflated size: 94cm /37inches), the perfect size for kids (Skinny Adults) to have great summer fun or just to lounge and relax.

Funny Bite Mark

Can be used as a donut party decoration (birthday party supplies). The funny bite marks on the edge of the outer tube can use to lounge your feet, you can relax while surfing in the water leisurely with this donut inflatable tube.

Easy and Fast to Inflate and Deflate

There is a safety valve. Easy to inflate and deflate the donut pool float.

Notice About Pool Float

1. Only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.

2. This is not a lifesaving device. Do not leave the child unattended while the device is in use.

3. Do not use high-pressure air to inflate. Do not overinflate.

4. From accessories to raw materials all have to undergo a rigorous screening, you could rest assured to use.

Patch Using

If there is a small hole appears during use, keep clean around the hole and stick the patch on the hole, wait a few minutes then you can play with it again.

--------Step1: Clean the repair area thoroughly

--------Step2: Press patch firmly over the puncture

--------Step3: Do not inflate for 30 minutes

Have a great day!

Donut Float, Inflatable Donut Pool Float Chocolate, Pool Beach Toy Kids, Donut Ring 33 Inches

Size 94cm/37in (deflated)
Color Chocolate
Brand XFlated
Material Vinyl
Item Weight 0.8 Pounds
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