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Inflatable Bathtub for Adults

Enjoy a comfortable spa with the inflatable bathtub.

Do you want to enjoy a convenient and comfortable spa at home? Do you want to sink down into a hot bath when you get tired after working? Our inflatable bathtub will ​be a good choice.

The inflatable bathtub is designed for a great bathing experience.


  • Our inflatable bathtub for adults is durable, made of safe and non-toxic high-density Vinyl. Our portable tub is elegant and beautiful.
  • You can enjoy a comfortable soaking bath at any time whatever on a hot summer day or cold winter. You can enjoy an ice bath or warm water bath in the portable bathtub.
  • In order to improve the comfort of the bathtub, we design the portable bathtub equipped with an inflatable backrest for the head and back support. Moreover, the bottom of our portable bathtub with a comfortable inflatable cushion and an insulation layer provides a cushion to your body and maintains the temperature of the water in the bathtub.
  • The inflatable bathtub is easy to install and remove. Use the electric pump we provide to set up the foldable bathtub easily. When you finish the bath, just remove the bottom drain plugs and open the switch for fast water drainage, and let out the air. You could fold and put the bathtub under the bed, at the back of the door, drawer, little space needed.


Package Included: 1×Inflatable Bathtub 1×Electric Pump 1×Retractable Drain Pipe 1×Repair Patch 1×User Guide

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Comfortable Design

The inflatable backrest for the head and back support makes the portable bathtub more comfortable and lets you feel relaxed in the portable soaking tub.

There are an inflatable seat cushion and an insulation layer on the bottom of the inflatable bathtub, which provides a cushion to your body from the cold ground and maintains the temperature of the water in the bathtub. Greatly enhance the bathing experience.

It will be good if you use something like a shower towel as a cover to help to lock the heat in the bathtub.

Fast Drainage Design

The water can be completely drained out of the bathtub from the side and bottom drainage holes.

We provide a stretching drain pipe to connect the side drain switch for easy drainage. The drain switch of the bathtub can be connected to other glue pipes to meet drainage requirements.

Due to the water pressure problem, the bottom drainage hole of the portable bathtub will be pressed firmly to the floor, causing slow drainage. You can lift it up a little to allow faster drainage.

Quick Inflated /Deflated Design

This is an inflatable soaking tub for adults which is easy to install and remove.

We provide an electric air pump for the inflatable bathtub to make setup a breeze.

The three-layer independent blowholes design of the portable bathtub for adults makes quickly for inflation and deflation.

Take A Comfortable Soaking Bath in Inflatable Bathtub.

Portable Bathtub for Adults

Bath Type: Ice Bath or Hot Bath
  • Inflatable Backrest(Support Head and Back)
  • Seat Cushion(Improve Comfort)
  • Cotton Pad on Bottom(Maintain Temperature)
  • Two Drain Valve(Fast Drainage)
  • Three-layer Independent Air Valve(Quick Inflated /Deflated)
  • Electric Pump(Easy to Set Up)

Foldable Bathtub for Adults

Use Indoor or Outdoor

It is a practical bathtub that is not only used indoor but also outdoor.You can enjoy SPA with the inflatable tub in the bathroom, garden, backyard, or patio, etc. Let our bathtub help you enter into relaxation.

Gift for Family or Friends

Our portable bathtub can even be used as a gift for family or friends. Perfect for a soaking bath, you would love the inflatable bathtub. The bathtub also can be used as a pool, a great experience.

Outer diameter size:65"*34"*28"

Inner diameter size: 51"*20"*20"

The convenient size of the tub is great for users of all ages.

Valve Use Guide

Just look at the picture and operate. The distinction between the double valve and single valve mainly depends on the number of valves.



  • Make sure the drain switch is off before filling the water.
  • High-temperature water cannot be sprayed directly onto the bathtub. When filling water, inject cold water, then inject hot water, or prepare hot water to make it a suitable temperature. The water temperature should be below 42 ℃.
  • It is recommended that the water level should not exceed two-thirds of the bathtub water level. And make sure the drain switch is off before filling the water.
  • After use, it is recommended to drain in time, it will cause the bathtub to deform and shorten its service life.
  • We offer a drain pipe that can be stretched. One opening is smaller to connect the drain switch tightly, and the other opening is loose. When draining, connect the smaller end of the drainage pipe to the drain valve.


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Inflatable Bathtub for adults, 65"×34"×28" Foldable Portable Bathtub with Electric Air Pump, Blow UP Bath Tub with Backrest for Home Spa or Ice Bath(Gray White)

Material Vinyl
Brand InflatFun
Item Dimensions LxWxH 65 x 34 x 28 inches
Item Weight 8.89 Pounds
Installation Method Freestanding
Shape Rectangular
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