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Inflatable Car Mattress

Keep yourself and your family at ease and comfortable wherever you go with our car travel bed.

Are you still worried about exhaustion during car travel? It is ease to drive and travel by our inflatable car mattress. Enjoy the comfortable and fun on the way.

Our inflatable car bed is a multifunctional car mattress. Not only used for car, but also used for camping tent, yard, garden, beach, picnic and more!

It is a great gift for family and friends. Our car air mattress is great for a car camping trip. And it is a good choice for a family road trip. Our car air bed is suitable for SUV, hatchback, truck, sedan, and so on.


  • Our car mattress bed is made of breathable flocking and non-toxic Vinyl material, which improved the durability and comfort of the car mattress. The flocking surface enhances soft and comfortable touch. The vinyl surface makes you feel cool.
  • The wave design makes the inflatable car air mattress fit closely to your body, and relax your body.
  • The anti-fall design and head protection design of the car air bed makes you safer. Protect the head from bumps.
  • Equipped with an independent long pier of the car mattress are placed in the gap of the back seat to support the car bed.
  • You can easy to install the car mattress with the air pump we provide. The inflatable car mattress also comes with a carry bag for transport and storage after deflated.


PACKAGE INCLUDED:1*Car Mattress(Car Bed) 2*Air Pillows 1*Car Air Pump 1*Funnel kit 1*Repair Kit 1*Carrying Bag 1*Instruction Manual

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Double Protection Design

The head protection design of the car bed not only protects your head against hitting the door handle but also serves as a backrest while you are resting. It increases the sense of experience. The backrest is like cute cat ears.

The anti-drop design of the car mattress can prevent you from falling into the front row when making sharp turns or braking. Protect the head from bumps.

Ergonomic Wave Design

In order to fit closely to the body, we adopt the wave design of the car air mattress that can better support your back, neck, legs, and whole body. The car mattress will provide a cozy sleep for you.

Comfortable Design

The inflatable bed for car is equipped with 2 inflatable pillows offering you a comfortable resting during travel.

The pier is designed separately from the car mattress to upgrade compatibility with your car. Comes with an independent long pier of the car air mattress are placed in the gap of the back seat to support the car bed, which prevents the car mattress from falling into the car floor.

Fast Inflation/Deflation

We provide an electric car air pump and 3 types of funnels, just plug the car's cigarette lighter socket to easily and fast inflate the car mattress.

Fully inflated about 4-5 mins and deflated may take about 3-4 mins. Easy to use for everyone.

Our car mattress can be folded and put into the carry bag. When you are planning to drive travel, do not forget to take our inflatable car mattress with you.

Multifunctional travel use

For Car Use

Whether you go camping or have a road trip, our inflatable car bed is a perfect choice for your outdoor activities. Accompanied by our car mattress, car travel will no longer be boring or tiring.

It is suitable for family or friends to go on a car journey. Our inflatable car mattress can make you more comfortable and relaxed.

For Outdoor Use

You'll have a better experience with our car air mattress during your camping, hiking, picnic, beach, festivals, adventures, and any outdoor activities.

You can use the car air bed outdoor like the garden, yard, camping tent. Enjoy a fresh and comfortable outdoor life.

For Indoor Use

The car mattress can be used as a normal bed for sleeping at home. And also can be used as a mat for sitting.

You can lie on the car bed to watch TV, play on the phone, and read books, etc. Enjoy your life with our car mattress.

Valve Guide

Just look at the picture and operate. The distinction between double valve and single valve mainly depends on the number of valves.



  • Do not over inflate the car mattress.The car mattress should be inflated about 90% full.
  • Take care to avoid touching any sharp objects or cigarettes to avoid damage to the car mattress.
  • The inflatable car bed is a plastic product. Do not approach a place with a high temperature or fire source. It is strictly forbidden to expose to the sun in the hot sun to avoid deformation of the car mattress.
  • After cleaning, please dry it in a cool place in time to avoid affecting the use of the car mattress.
  • After inflating, please make sure the inflation port is sealed to prevent air leaks. A natural leak is a normal phenomenon, just please inflate the car air mattress again for comfortable use.
  • The car mattress is not a toy product. It is forbidden to jump and play on the car bed.
  • Cannot be used as water swimming and life-saving supplies.
  • Don’t use the air pump for more than 10 minutes at a time, or place it near hot surfaces.


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Inflatable Car Mattress, Car Bed for Back Seat, Car Air Mattress with Auto Air Pump, Portable Camping Mattress, Sleeping Pad(Black)

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